I recently read something online about the price of cakes from cake decorators.  The basic gist of it is as follows.  For the original article, see here. (courtesy of Cake Boss)


"I can get a cake at Costco for $20!"
Never, ever compare our prices to Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Costco, or a grocery store.  People can't get the same cake at Costco that they get from us or any other personal cake decorator.  That cake at Costco was made months ago, flash-frozen, and shipped to the store, where an employee working as quickly as he/she could frosted it with icing from a bucket, and maybe added some airbrushing or butter cream roses.  That employee probably had 50 other cakes to complete in the same shift.  The difference between our cake and Costco's cake can be likened to the difference between custom garments and off-the-rack clothes. Say you went to a seamstress, consulted with her about the perfect fabric and cut for your body type, discussed your coloring, took measurements, went back for several fittings, and in the end had an exquisite dress, hand-made with excruciating attention to detail, perfect for your body and your coloring.  When the seamstress required payment, you would not tell her that a Wal-Mart dress costs $14.99, so that's all you should pay. The two products are not comparable. 

1. Ingredients and Supplies (which not only includes basic cake ingredients such as flour, eggs and oil, but other necessities to put your cake together, such as a box, boards, dowels, foil, decorations, icing, specialty icings and much more).

2. Time (which includes time spent consulting with the you, the customer, planning a custom design, shopping, baking, cooling, making fillings, frostings, fondant, and sometimes custom work like fondant or gumpaste toppers or figurines.   Don't forget cleanup time! 

3. Overhead

4. Delivery (and I might add that transporting and delivering a custom made cake is not as easy as it sounds...)


I do appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and look around.  If you wish to buy one of our cakes, please order or contact us for more info.  There are rare instances when we can offer discounts to fit your needs...  Please feel free to share your situation with us and we will try to work with you :)